IFA League

The IFA League began life in 1997 as a vehicle to encourage teams that had attended EuroNET96 and 97 to play each other more often during the regular football season.

Fixtures take place on Saturday mornings. Teams play the same opposition as their parent club, with games taking place in the morning before “the big match” between the senior teams later that afternoon. Not all senior clubs have an IFA side and many games are moved for TV or international breaks, so where no fixture can be arranged as above, teams organise fixtures against local sides from other divisions.┬áTeams are able to play up to 20 games during the course of an IFA season.

Each team has a fixtures organiser, who often doubles as a team manager, and matches are arranged across the Internet, via Email and social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. Each team must have one member signed up to the IFA Managers WhatsApp group, who is responsible for announcing fixtures and results, and a league table is collated from there.

For more information about the IFA league, please contact us using the form on this website.

Current IFA League Table
IFA League Rules
IFA league role of honour