IFA Covid-19 Code of Behaviour

1. The IFA is co-operating with the NHS Test & Trace protocol in England and the Test & Protect protocol in Scotland and requires Team Organisers to acquire details of all individuals present at the match. Team Organisers musthold the name and contact number of all present, including team managers and supporters from their own team in line with Test & Trace procedures. Personal details must not be swapped between the two teams and must be held by Team Organisers only. 

An example of such form is available here

2. Should any individual receive a positive test result, they must immediately inform their relevant Team Organiser. The Team Organiser must then ensure they inform all present at the fixture, including the opposition Team Organiser, without naming the infected person. All individuals must then follow relevant Government advice under the Test & Trace protocol in England, or the Test & Protect protocol in Scotland. This must include the relevant periods of self-isolation. Team Organisers must also inform the IFA Committee in any situations of a positive Covid-19 test within a team.

3. Clubs should ensure that, in addition to the team organiser, a MINIMUM of 3 members/players are fully versed in this code of behaviour and are able to carry out the requirements detailed within.

4. Where possible, all players are strongly encouraged to scan the relevant QR codes on arrival at the match venue.

5. All individuals taking part or supporting IFA football are responsible for their own health. Please act in ways that protect your own health and the health of others and avoid acting in a way that might risk the health of fellow players and/or other individuals. All individuals must know these Covid-19 Specific Rules and be aware of all applicable Government guidance and be respectful and understanding to others.

6. Do not attend any IFA football activity if you have any COVID-19 Symptoms (which can be found at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms)

7. In the event any participant develops COVID-19 symptoms whilst taking part in any IFA football activity, please notify your Team Organiser immediately, and you will be asked to leave at the earliest possible opportunity and encouraged to book a COVID-19 antigen test as soon as possible.

8. All participants must adhere to Social Distancing in-line with current government guidance before the fixture and during any breaks in play.

9. Due to the nature of our organisation, teams will often have to travel to opposition venues. When travelling to fixtures, we strongly advise that all individuals travel separately, and where not possible, all individuals must wear a face covering whilst travelling in a shared vehicle.

10. Due to restrictions at various venues, changing facilities should automatically be considered unavailable due to the current Covid-19 situation.  It is the responsibility of the home organiser to ensure that this is communicated clearly to their opposite number in the lead-up to a game, and the decision whether to play a fixture without changing rooms or other facilities must be mutually agreed before a fixture is even considered. This rule is underpinned by the Communication Rule (Rule 2) in the IFA General Rules and the IFA Spirit.

11. Players should arrive ready at the venue and any kit distribution be held pitch side and under Social Distancing guidance.

12. If applicable, any venue specific Covid-19 guidance must be sent by the Home Team Organiser to the opposition at least 72 hours before a fixture is due to commence.