IFA WorldNet & BigTamVets 2021 – Day One Results & Tables

Results and Tables for Day One of WorldNet & BigTamVets


WorldNet Group APitch
10:20Watford10Brentford Hey Jude3
10:20AFC Wimbledon A41Internet Mariners4
11:40Watford20AFC Wimbledon A3
11:40Brentford Hey Jude31Internet Mariners4
14:40Watford30Internet Mariners3
14:40Brentford Hey Jude14AFC Wimbledon A4
WorldNet Group BPitch
12:40We Are Birmingham12Bury3
12:40Rochdale03Boing FC4
14:00We Are Birmingham01Rochdale3
14:00Bury01Boing FC4
15:20We Are Birmingham07Boing FC3
WorldNet Group CPitch
09:40AFC Wimbledon B15Aberdeen5
09:40Barnsley05Preston North End6
11:00AFC Wimbledon B04Barnsley5
11:00Aberdeen00Preston North End6
13:20AFC Wimbledon B06Preston North End5
WorldNet Group DPitch
10:20Manchester United30AFC Halifax5
10:20Hatters FFC01Manchester City6
11:40Manchester United41Hatters FFC5
11:40AFC Halifax13Manchester City6
14:40Manchester United11Manchester City5
14:40AFC Halifax10Hatters FFC6
WorldNet Group EPitch
12:40Livingston GS20Chester5
12:40Abbey United10Athletico Pompey2
14:00Livingston GS20Abbey United5
14:00Chester20Watford Vets2
15:20Chester0 (6)0 (7)Cambridge United5
15:20Livingston GS20Brentford Vets6
BigTamVets Group APitch
09:40AFC Halifax Vets01Oxford Vets1
09:40Gillingham Vets11Internet Tricky Trees2
11:00AFC Halifax Vets01Gillingham Vets1
11:00Oxford Vets23Internet Tricky Trees2
13:20AFC Halifax Vets00Internet Tricky Trees1
13:20Oxford Vets30Gillingham Vets2
BigTamVets Group BPitch
09:40Kidderminster Harriers Vets12Everton Vets3
09:40Boing FC Vets30Bury Vets4
11:00Kidderminster Harriers Vets22Boing FC Vets3
11:00Everton Vets11Bury Vets4
13:20Kidderminster Harriers Vets03Bury Vets3
13:20Everton Vets03Boing FC Vets4
BigTamVets Group CPitch
10:20Animo et Fide Vets11Donny R'Sonists Vets1
10:20Punch Drunk Vets10Rotherham Vets2
11:40Animo et Fide Vets01Punch Drunk Vets1
11:40Donny R'Sonists Vets00Rotherham Vets2
14:40Animo et Fide Vets03Rotherham Vets1
14:40Donny R'Sonists Vets11Punch Drunk Vets2
BigTamVets Group DPitch
12:40Brentford Vets10Watford Vets1
12:40Abbey United10Athletico Pompey2
14:00Brentford Vets10Athletico Pompey6
14:00Chester20Watford Vets2
15:20Watford Vets03Athletico Pompey2
15:20Livingston GS20Brentford Vets6