IFA WorldNet & BigTamVets 2021 – Day One Schedule

Following the draw for IFA WorldNet & BigTamVets 2021, the tournament schedule can now be confirmed for Day One of the 2021 event.

Timings for the opening group fixtures have been staggered more than usual this year, to allow extra time for teams to arrive. This will also help avoid congestion at the central pavilion and in parking areas.

Please do not arrive until 40 minutes before your scheduled first fixture.

Car parking stewards will perform temperature checks on all vehicle occupants before giving access to the site, so please ensure your players are aware of this and are patient in the event of a queue.

Before teams play their first game they MUST also register at the Control Helpdesk, located at the Pavilion.

This includes submitting the Player Waiver form included in the Manager Pack, which must be completed and signed by all participants. Please prepare this form before you arrive, so that all your players need to do is sign the form.

No team will be allowed to kick off their first fixture without registering, so please do not slow the tournament down by waiting until you arrive to complete the form.


BigTamVets Group APitch
09:40AFC Halifax VetsOxford Vets1
09:40Gillingham VetsInternet Tricky Trees2
11:00AFC Halifax VetsGillingham Vets1
11:00Oxford VetsInternet Tricky Trees2
13:20AFC Halifax VetsInternet Tricky Trees1
13:20Oxford VetsGillingham Vets2
BigTamVets Group BPitch
09:40Kidderminster Harriers VetsEverton Vets3
09:40Boing FC VetsBury Vets4
11:00Kidderminster Harriers VetsBoing FC Vets3
11:00Everton VetsBury Vets4
13:20Kidderminster Harriers VetsBury Vets3
13:20Everton VetsBoing FC Vets4
BigTamVets Group CPitch
10:20Animo et Fide VetsDonny R'Sonists Vets1
10:20Punch Drunk VetsRotherham Vets2
11:40Animo et Fide VetsPunch Drunk Vets1
11:40Donny R'Sonists VetsRotherham Vets2
14:40Animo et Fide VetsRotherham Vets1
14:40Donny R'Sonists VetsPunch Drunk Vets2
BigTamVets Group DPitch
12:40Brentford VetsWatford Vets1
12:40Abbey UnitedAthletico Pompey2
14:00Brentford VetsAthletico Pompey6
14:00ChesterWatford Vets2
15:20Watford VetsAthletico Pompey2
15:20Livingston GSBrentford Vets6


WorldNet Group APitch
10:20WatfordBrentford Hey Jude3
10:20AFC Wimbledon AInternet Mariners4
11:40WatfordAFC Wimbledon A3
11:40Brentford Hey JudeInternet Mariners4
14:40WatfordInternet Mariners3
14:40Brentford Hey JudeAFC Wimbledon A4
WorldNet Group BPitch
12:40We Are BirminghamBury3
12:40RochdaleBoing FC4
14:00We Are BirminghamRochdale3
14:00BuryBoing FC4
15:20We Are BirminghamBoing FC3
WorldNet Group CPitch
09:40AFC Wimbledon BAberdeen5
09:40BarnsleyPreston North End6
11:00AFC Wimbledon BBarnsley5
11:00AberdeenPreston North End6
13:20AFC Wimbledon BPreston North End5
WorldNet Group DPitch
10:20Manchester UnitedAFC Halifax5
10:20Hatters FFCManchester City6
11:40Manchester UnitedHatters FFC5
11:40AFC HalifaxManchester City6
14:40Manchester UnitedManchester City5
14:40AFC HalifaxHatters FFC6
WorldNet Group EPitch
12:40Livingston GSChester5
12:40Abbey UnitedAthletico Pompey2
14:00Livingston GSAbbey United5
14:00ChesterWatford Vets2
15:20ChesterCambridge United5
15:20Livingston GSBrentford Vets6