IFA Committee

The IFA committee was set up to assist with setting rules and resolving disciplinary issues throughout the IFA. The committee members are all well versed in the IFA and our aims, and are as follows.

Stu Evans – Bury
Vinnie White – West Ham
Dave Black – Livingston GS
Dave Messenger – Watford
Ben Miles – Bury

In the event of a dispute which you feel needs the committee’s attention, please Email any of the committee members directly, or use the ‘Contact Us’ form on this website.

The following committee members have the following extra responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the IFA.

Stu Evans
Managing the IFA stats and league tables

Vinnie White
IFA Cup Draws and communications

Dave Messenger
Social Media and Website updates

Ben Miles
IFA mailing list management

In addition,  a sub committee is being formed to organise WorldNET. At present, WorldNET organisation is being managed by Andrew Kilduff (Manchester United)