IFA Challenge Cup

The IFA Challenge Cup is the IFA’s season-long knockout competition, which first took place during the 1997/98 season and has since gone from strength to strength, with 30 teams from across the UK entered into the 2016/17 tournament.

Teams are drawn on a national basis from round one, as the tournament takes shape and teams criss cross the UK in search of cup glory. The semi-finals are played at a neutral venue, while the IFA Cup Final takes place on the Friday night before our annual WorldNET tournament.

Fixtures are organised in the same way as regular IFA league games. All IFA Challenge Cup ties must count as ‘Cup and League double headers’, which allows the result to stand for both competitions.

For more information about the IFA Challenge Cup, please contact us using the form on this website.

The latest results and draw details for the 2016/17 IFA Challenge Cup can be found in the IFA Stats and Contacts section of this website.